Motaman Şehir



Why Motaman City Metrokent?
  • In front of the central bus station that provides transportation to all parts and lines of Istanbul.
  • In front of the central metro station, which is the first station where metro passengers board, "zero distance" between the land and the station!
  • Right in front of the airport bus (Havaist) station.* (zero distance) Passengers getting off the bus can go directly to their homes and easily go to the airport to greet their guests at any time for 24 hours.
  • The center is near the Ebu Hanife en-Numan Mosque, the neighborhood market is only 100 meters away on foot.
  • 78 thousand square meters of construction area within 200 thousand square meters of land. 19 thousand m2 of residential, administrative and commercial areas, 25% of which are, the remaining 59 thousand m2 of gardens, walking and cycling tracks.
  • Within a 122 thousand m2 land, there are 30 thousand m2 roads inside the site, 50 thousand m2 garden, 4000 m2 mosque adjacent to the site, 10 thousand m2 square nearby and the municipality's health center, cultural center and free public school.
  • Highest quality technical features (deluxe level of the site).
  • Top service amenities: (Luxury entrance and lobby) - Garage - Separate swimming pools for men, women and children - Gym - Health club - Playground - Luxury elevators


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